6 steps to host your own Goddess Circle.

Now you’re probably wondering, “What is a goddess circle?’ Well, it can mean something different to each person, so feel free to redefine it as you see fit, but essentially, it’s a ritual that has been around since the beginning of time. It’s about creating a safe space for women to come together to celebrate, nurture, be vulnerable and support each other, without judgement. With respect for each other, and ritual, whether simple or complex, the circle gives us space to be honest and face what we need to do. Joy, reflection, challenge, true emotion – it’s all there!

‘Circle space’ is very different from ‘social space’. In social space we chatter, tend to gossip, and are not always aware of our surroundings. In circle space we slow down, reflect and become aware of where we are and why we are there.

I have been facilitating women’s circles (Goddess Circles) for 6 months now, and as time goes on I’m finding my circle growing, with women reaching out to me wanting to be apart of this sacred & intimate ritual. Spending time with people you enjoy, with whom you can be open and supportive, is a profound aspect of self-care.


Us women thrive on feminine energy, it’s what inspires us and makes us feel filled up. You know when you haven’t seen your girlfriends in weeks, and you start to feel overwhelmed or like you’re going to explode because you just need your soul sisters for advice, support, and just a good hug… That’s because our soul craves nurturing, feminine energy. We need our soul sisters, to be there for us, to love us and hold us, through the good times and the bad.

With social media, emails and texting so prominent in today’s society, we’ve really lost the closeness of true friendship. While it may seem like you’re up to date in all your friends lives because you know what they ate for lunch today, the truth is your relationships aren’t nearly as strong as they once were… This is why I love circle space so much, because it’s an opportunity to spend quality time with your soul sisters, and really connect and get in touch with the people who really impact your life. Get back to reality and share your experiences with the ones who bring light and happiness into your life.


You don’t have to be a trained yoga teacher, coach or whatever to be able to do this, it’s really just stepping into your own leadership and bringing other women together.

I’ve listed below some of my tips for holding your own goddess circle with your soul sisters.

  1. Set a date and get those invites out.

I usually hold my goddess circles on a full moon or new moon as I personally feel connected to the energy of the moon, but you can hold your circle whenever you like, day or night, indoors or outdoors.

I usually send out invites a month in advance. You can download a moon phase calendar from an app store if you want to line up your circles with the power of the moon. I use one called ‘The Moon’.

  1. Plan food and drinks.

My circles are usually held in the evening, so my soul sisters and I gather for dinner before circle time. I ask each guest to bring a share plate, that way we end up with a whole variety of yummy food, and the pressure is taken off the host to provide all the food. It’s also a nice way for everyone to share their cooking skills, and favourite recipes. We put the assortment of yummy dishes on the dining table, and then everyone just helps themselves, it’s a really lovely way to start the evening because we can just sit, eat and talk, and eat and talk, and then some more eating and talking. In my circle, we try to ensure all the food is organic and vegetarian, nurturing our bodies with good wholesome foods.

As for drinks, I like to create mocktails with fresh fruits, flowers and sparkling water or kombucha. I don’t serve alcohol during my circles as I feel it’s better to have a clear mind.


  1. Setting the mood.

As the host, you are responsible for creating an inviting sacred space for your guests so when they arrive, they walk into an oasis of peace and tranquillity. I take the day of my goddess circle as a perfect opportunity to spring clean the house. I like to open up all the windows and doors and let the fresh air flow through my home. While the house is well vented I also burn sage to clear away any negative energy and set my intention for the evening. Setting the mood is so important for your circle as this will set the tone for the whole evening. You want to make the space as warm and comfortable as possible.

I like to light candles (and I mean A LOT of candles), put on some beautiful music, diffuse some essential oils, and fill the house with fresh flowers.

I set up my circle space in my loungeroom, but you can set up wherever you have enough space. I lay out a round silk tapestry, and then create a mandala for the centre piece of the circle. You can use anything you desire to create your centre piece/alter. I tend to use candles, fresh flowers and rose quartz crystals.

I ask each guest to bring a pillow or meditation cushion to sit on around the circle. You can also ask guests to bring a piece from nature to help contribute to the centre piece.


  1. Guest arrival.

As a guest, always be conscious of the energy you bring into the space. You may have left a household of screaming kids or had a rough day at work, and are feeling a little strung out, so make a conscious effort to leave those frazzled feelings at the door.

Also, try not to be late – the energy of hurrying and rushing isn’t a good way to start your evening as you carry that feeling into the space.

  1. Circle time.

After we’ve enjoyed a delicious wholesome dinner and our bellies are full and warm, we then gather in our circle.

I like to begin our circle with a sage cleansing ceremony. Starting with myself, and going around the circle we cleanse each other’s aura with the smoke from the sage stick, starting from our feet all the way to the crown of our head. We do this to clear negative energy which allows room for positive energy in your space and life.

We open the circle by lighting our own tealight candle from the main candle in the centre piece. This gesture acts as a ‘check in’ by each guest in the circle. It says ‘I am present, and I am here’. Other ways of opening a circle is by holding hands, reading a poem, humming, drumming, dancing or singing. Whatever feels right for your group, there’s no right or wrong way. You want it to feel comfortable and natural, not silly and awkward.

Generally, my circle has a similar ritual every month, we do a releasing ceremony, where we write down the things we want to let go of, and a gratitude ceremony, where we write down things we a grateful for. We go around the circle and read them out to each other. There is something powerful about publicly declaring what you want to let go of and are grateful for. It helps hold you accountable to your word.

On a new moon, I like to hold an intention setting ceremony, where we write down our intentions for the month and the things we hope to achieve. These may be as simple as wanting to finish a book or as big as getting that promotion at work. Same goes with the releasing ceremony and gratitude ceremony, we go around the group and read them out to each other, and then give input when necessary.

This aligns with the belief that if you call on the universe for help, the universe will deliver. Whatever you put out there, will come back to you in tenfold ways.

There is no time limit in the circle, so you can wrap up whenever it feels right. I’ve had some circles that last for 30 minutes, and some that went on for 4 hours. Sometimes things will get emotional, & there will be tears, and sometimes there will be belly aching laughter, and that’s all part of the beauty of the circle, you never know what direction the discussion will lead to.


  1. Closing the circle.

In my circle, I like to close with a guided meditation. It’s a perfect way to manifest everything that was spoken of in the circle, & tap into your unconscious thoughts.

After meditation, we each blow out our own candle, which in turn says that the circle is officially closed.

We then sit and unwind with some herbal tea, healthy raw treats and plenty of hugs.



  • You may like to pick a theme or topic for your women’s circle. The topic can be the core discussion in the circle, where everyone can give their input or personal advice.
  • Ditch the phones! Technology is a huge distraction, so ask guests to switch off and put their phones in their bags for the night.
  • It’s important that everyone knows that what happens in the circle, stays in the circle. The circle is a safe scared space for everyone to express their truth, feel held and show up authentically. Honour that sacred sisterhood pact.
  • You may like to incorporate angel cards or tarot cards into your circle.
  • I like to set a dress code for my circles, asking guests to wear something floral or a white theme. It’s a nice feeling to dress up and honour your divine feminine and inner goddess.
  • Salt rituals are popular, so you could incorporate this into your circle.
  • You may like to run an activity in your circle such as flower crown making, stone painting or creating dream catchers.
  • Need help with putting together a playlist for your goddess circle? Some of my favourite tracks on my playlist are;

. Beauvois – Attente

. Asgeir – Unbound

. Trevor Hall – To Zion

. Tash Sultana – Notion

. Elle Watson – Walls


Start by asking your close friends to a women’s circle, but don’t hold on to feelings if no one shows up at first, you’l find it’s not for everyone. I sometimes just had one friend who would come, but I was interested in what ceremony and ritual really means, so I kept doing it regardless of how many people came. If your intention is strong and purpose pure, women will find their way to you.

Start an emotional journey with your friends. As a group whether you commit to meeting weekly, once a month or every couple of months, just make a commitment. Follow through with your plans and don’t send that last-minute raincheck. You will be bettering your relationships and ultimately bettering yourself for being a more conscious and involved friend. Besides, who doesn’t love an excuse to get the girls together for a bit of girl’s night in fun?

Have you been to a goddess circle before? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Xx Jes

One thought on “6 steps to host your own Goddess Circle.”

  1. Hi I just began blogging about womanhood and inner goddess! I liked your blog very much..I am in the midst of searching for my own circle to join..i am from Boston by the way…though if I can’t find one I am considering creating my own. I use to belong to a soul sister circle but then it ended. I loved it!


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