Cleaning out my closet – In more ways than one.

With the New Moon in Scorpio starting last week, I think I have succumbed to its influence. I’m feeling strong at the moment, saying what’s on my mind, standing up for myself, and just brutally emptying the contents of my life that no longer serve me.

“Scorpio is intimate with the natural cycles of death, rebirth and transformation. Scorpio is our ally to destroy, eliminate, & let go in order to heal the past, recreate, begin anew with passion. Scorpio’s cycle is here to develop our resilience. Completions and endings are all around us right now. Some will be painful & disturbing. What Scorpio illuminates is our power to respond”.

Whatever this influence is having on me, I think I like it! Here’s what’s been going on;

Last week, I was off work & in bed with a terrible migraine and I was looking over at my wardrobe and thought to myself ‘how much ‘stuff’ is squished in there?’. It wasn’t messy, but just alot of stuff! Shelves filled to the brim with handbags, scarves, hats and the floor taken up by 40+ pairs of shoes. Now for me to be thinking like this is weird, because for anyone who really knows me, will know how much of a shopaholic I am (or was). Once upon a time I would go shopping for a new outfit, bag, or accessory every week… why? Because I could! Plus I had parties & events on every weekend with my pageantry, so of course I had to have something new to wear! I had never thought of my wardrobe in this way before, it was like I was seeing things from a new perspective!

Anyway… the next day I put things into motion. I was on a cleaning frenzy. Unlike anything I’d done before, I ripped almost every item of clothing hanging in the wardrobe off its hanger and took it to my local op shop! I filled 7 large garbage bags full! And another couple bags for the bin! I’m talking clothing with tags still attached, expensive dresses, bags and show stopping heels I had worn once or twice. It didn’t even cross my mind to sell them, no second thoughts if I’d wear it ‘someday’, I just wanted it all gone!

Things got even more savage when I cleared out the dresser too and then proceeded to move the entire dresser to the garage to take to the tip! Yep, I was on a mission to clear things out! I’m not entirely sure if hubby was impressed or concerned by my actions that day…

After I completed my clean out rampage, I sat on the bed with a cuppa looking at what I had done. The lightness I felt was indescribable! I felt accomplished! There was so much space and the room just looked brighter and fresher! My mind felt clear! The items left hanging in my closet were all soft, feminine, floral pieces of similar style which I could see with ease, just a few pairs of sandles and boots in a perfect row, and dainty accessories stored in rattan baskets on the shelf. Everything was so neat. It was beautiful! No more slinky night club dresses, no more tacky sequin numbers… no more business attire.


I had just created more space in my life to welcome new things. Not new things like more clothes and material objects, but new things such as life, love, creativity, and thinking space! All those ‘things’ that were just taking up room, making clutter, using up good energy. They were items of my past, and now they are gone and I feel free! It’s like I can finally see what kind of person I am now just by looking in my wardrobe.

Creating space is not necessarily about throwing things away or cleaning out your wardrobe. I’m talking about the internal space, the mental, emotional and spiritual space in our lives.

I’ve also been slowly going through the laundry cuboard, kitchen draws, throwing away things we don’t need, use or want. And my diet has also had a switch up, cutting out alcohol and most sugars. It’s like a full life detox!

Another example of my clean out this week is a recent incident with some friends. Word of mouth got around to me that a couple of my friends had been saying some not so nice stuff about me, and when I found out I instantly felt a rock in my throat… Hello anxiety! This feeling lingered with me for days… It wasn’t pleasant. I didn’t know what to do, except more yoga to try shift this yucky feeling. Do I confront them about it?, or do I just let it go and just keep my distance? Then I thought, if they were true friends, there would be no need for them to speak about me in the way that they did, real friends don’t do that. So brutel Jes decided it’s time to cut cords. My next move after that was Facebook… Yep I went there! Scrolling through my newsfeed, I began to cull ‘friends’. People that don’t align with my values, or my lifestyle, people who don’t really know me, I just got rid of, and boy it was liberating! I didn’t even feel guilty. This feeling of just not caring and wanting to eliminate took over, and I thank Scorpio for helping me do it. This process got me thinking about the friendships I have in my life, and I’ve decided to narrow my focus on the most important people. The friends I consider family, the ones that understand it takes two to make a friendship work – I’m focusing my attention on those friendships, rather than spreading myself so thinly to try and please everyone.


While this moon cycle has been wonderful in helping me declutter the ‘stuff’ in my home, it has also been a blessing in helping me declutter my mind, body and soul. Clutter is not just stuff on the floor or in your wardrobe. It’s anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living.

Clutter isn’t necessarily ‘things’, clutter can be in your emotions and thoughts too. Our brains are working so hard trying to keep up with our busy lifestyles, friends and family, work life and multitask 1000 thoughts, that our body & soul gets exhausted, which then starts to affect our overall health and wellbeing. This is when things like anxiety & stress set in, and nobody wants that.

What I know for sure is that when you declutter, whether it’s your home, your head or your heart, it is amazing what will flow into that space. It will enrich you & your life.

I honestly feel like I’ve just walked up another step this last week, moving up to where I want to be. I feel I have accomplished alot, mentally and physically and I feel super proud of myself knowing I’m finally doing things for me!

This journey to my mediocre, minimal, simple and slow life style has been an incredible experience so far. While I have only been learning and practicing this intentional living for about 6 months, I know that this is the right path for me. I can’t tell you how to live your life, there will be many people who can’t and won’t give up the materialistic things, the ‘likes’ and comments that feed their ego on social media or the desire for bigger and better. – Sacrifice sleep for productivity. Strive for excellence. Go big or go home mindset. While I don’t judge that kind of lifestyle, because I have lived and breathed it, I just know how much better life feels for me since I’ve changed my habits. To change your lifestyle to a slower and simpler one you must consciously make that decision, you have to want to do it, and for the reasons behind it. It’s a personal choice, and no one should judge you for wanting a quieter life.


Feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Feel like nothing is going right for you? Maybe it’s time to have a clean out… Home, mind, body & soul. After all it is a perfect time to do so under the service of the new moon. This phase will last until the next New Moon on December 18th, so surrender and let the universe guide you.

“This Scorpio New Moon comes with a commanding, uncompromising air of forcefulness, urging us to tap into our innate raw, alchemical power, asking us to take the lead that weighs us down and turn it into shimmering, glorious gold.

“The patterns, cycles, relationships and duties which have run their course are now ripe for reinvention, ready to be broken down into simple matter and recycled back into our physical, energetic, emotional environment; we owe it to ourselves to turn all of it into something that is honestly, genuinely aligned with our vibration and our direction.”

I’d love to know if you have felt influenced by this moon cycle, and what has come to you during this time. Please leave a comment, I read them all.

Xx Jes

6 thoughts on “Cleaning out my closet – In more ways than one.”

  1. This is such a beautiful post! I remember meeting you many years ago at a Charity event you held, and thinking how much I admire you… you are such a beautiful person, who has always made me feel welcome and valued. Years passed and I followed your journey on social media but our paths very rarely crossed… until this year when I really was truly trying to discover who I am and what my purpose in life is! I am so grateful that you are sharing your journey and accomplishments! Sometimes the small things and changes I make in my life seem little and insignificant, but when I read your posts, I can actually see how much I have changed as a person this year. And I’m proud of it! So thanks for bringing that to my attention, sharing your wonderful journey, and for just being a RAD human!

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    1. Oh my beautiful Kasey! This comment is so delightful to read, thank you so much for sharing. I always think of the little changes that seem insignificant as the big stuff… just like in yoga practice, a slight tilt in the neck or an extra breath to get a deeper pose – while these acts may be tiny, they make a huge difference. So infact the little things are the big things. You’re gorgeous! Keep doing what you’re doing xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 💋 Good work girl!
    I’ll be starting a blog for my soon to be ‘travelling the world’ future – thanks for the inspiration!
    Keep sharing your bloom with the world 🌻

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