The side hustle.

My last post was all about budgeting with a baby and some little things we were doing to help save money and cut costs. Since then my husband has read the ‘barefoot investor’ which has stepped up our game. If you haven’t read it, then go out and get it now! It will change your entire mindset on saving money!

Anyone who has read this gem of a book will understand how all the bank accounts work and the ‘plan’ to save some good money while also being able to have fun and live life. It has really helped Aaron and I clean up our bank accounts and finally have some direction on where we are going with our finances.

We have become extra savvy with shopping, and how our money is being used, but It somehow got me feeling like I was letting the team down by not working and bringing in good money like I used to before I had Lara. It made me realize that buying our dream farm is a long way off and it’s not going to happen any quicker by living off Aaron’s wage alone. But what’s a mama to do though? Childcare is around $90 a day, which almost defeats the purpose of me going back to work, and I’d rather not work and spend quality time with my daughter and raising her how I want we to be raised than going to work, making a small buck and having someone else raise her. So what on earth are you supposed to do? Centrelink is a joke, and pretty much just laughs in your face while providing you with a lousy $30 a week to be a stay at home mama, I mean how is $30 going to help my family live?!

While wallowing in self pity, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a friends post about making money from a side hustle. Mikhailla from explained whether it’s selling items you no longer need or use for a small dollar or putting your house on air bnb while you’re away on a holiday for $400 a weekend, it’s all money that adds up and helps reach your goals. Her post really got me thinking and I instantly felt less guilty about not working. She made me realize I am contributing, and I am working my bum off to help our family become financially secure:- and it’s all thanks to the side hustle.

For example, today I have cleared out my wardrobe of clothes that I just don’t wear anymore, and il be taking pictures and uploading to Facebook to sell. $10 here and $20 there all adds up. I’m all for reusing and recycling and if there are items in the house we no longer use then I will happily sell them to help our savings grow.

I have 3 main side hustles that bring in money for us, while it’s not a lot of money, it’s still money that is helping to put food on the table and money in the bank.

I’m a qualified hairdresser so I can do hair from home, I make jewellery and smudge wands that I sell online and I also do photography sessions. Each one of these hustles makes me happy & I enjoy doing them. I can do all of these things from home with Lara, or on days when my husband is off from work. While I work hard to make time to be able to do these tasks and be a full-time mama and keep the house in order, I never realized the importance of these side hustles, and the small contributions they bring in for my family and my mental health. As Mikhailla said, ‘doing something is better than doing nothing’, and while I’m not earning what I used to when I was working, an extra $50 – $200 a week makes up a huge difference in our lives, and just takes that pressure off living on one wage.

We all want extra money, for a savings goal or to have as splurge money, and whether you work full time or are a stay at home mama like myself, the short cut to having it all is doing it all. I hope this post inspires you to start that side hustle, sometimes you just need that little push to get things moving.

Thank you Mikhailla for reminding me I’m a kickass mama with a side hustle.

Happy money making!

X Jes

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